Race Day Details

Pre Race meeting

The weekend will start Friday night at 6:00 pm with a prerace meeting at Run Wild, 4611 Jackson St, Alexandria, LA. This is not mandatory but is intended to provide answers to questions and give out more details on the route.  You can also pick up your race bib at the meeting. Please wear a mask to this meeting.

Start Location/Time

Find your race category below to determine when and where you start.  The start and finish line for all participants is at Valentine Lake Day Use Area. 


50 Mile Runners  - Start time 6:00 am @ Valentine Lake Day Use Area

Be at the Valentine Lake Day Use area on race day no later than 5:30 AM.


All Bikers – Start time 8:00 am @ Valentine Day Use Area

Be at the Valentine Lake Day Use area by 7:30 AM.


27 Mile Runners – Start time 8:00 am @ Valentine Day Use Area

Be at the Valentine Lake Day Use area by 7:30 AM.

13 Mile Runners – Start time 8:10 am @ Valentine Day Use Area

Be at the Valentine Lake Day Use area by 7:40 AM.

10K Runners – Start time 8:20 am @ Valentine Day Use Area

Be at the Valentine Lake Day Use area by 7:50 AM.

Map Links

Valentine Day Use Area



Bib pick up -Race Day signup

Race day signup will be available and will close at 7:15 am at Valentine Lake so please make sure you arrive early to handle this and make easier on us. For anyone who does not get their bib at the pre-race meeting Fri night, we will have for you on Saturday morning.


Race Day Registration fees will be:


50 Mile Runners/Mt. Bike- $85.00

27 Mile Runners/Mt. Bike- $65.00

1/2 Marathon Run- $55.00


Race notes

You will be provided a MAP of the trail and locations of the self-service aid stations which will be placed approximately every 4-5 miles along the trail at various road crossings. The aid stations will contain pretzels, gels, bananas, snicker bites, water, coke, Gatorade, Vaseline, Band-Aids, toilet paper.  For the 50 mile runners there will be a manned aid station with hot food at the 25 mile turnaround and also at 38 mile mark (Twin Bridges trail head).   Also, 50 mile runners can give us a sag bag at the start line, and we will have that bag available for you at the 25 mile turnaround and 38 mile mark (Twin Bridges trail head).  All bikers will not have an aid stations until half way through your route.  For those riders it would be advisable for you to pack your cell phone in case of an emergency.



Trail markers

Wild Azalea Trail has yellow diamonds on trees along the route to mark the trail as well as mile markers every half mile.  A double yellow diamond will indicate a turn in the trail.  There are a few areas where diamonds are not as frequent but there is yellow flagging tied along branches to show the way.  The last mile will be marked with blue diamonds along the lake leading up to the finish line.



For those wanting to camp, space is available at the Valentine Lake Campground located ½ mile from the race finish or you can camp at the finish line Day Use area.  There is also camping available anywhere along the Azalea trail.



At the finish line we will have camp fire, heaters, jambalaya, beer, race medals, and dry fit shirt.  In addition, 50 Mile MTB’s and runners receive an awesome coffee mug.  Cut off time for 50 mile runners is 14 hours. 


Brad Colwell: 318.613.9578 / Spencer Martin:  318.880.6523 / Billy McRae: 318.446.4814